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Spiffy Nifty Simple Washcloth


Spiffy Nifty Simple Washcloth  PDF 




By Denise Sattler aka Spiffyniftyriffic

This pattern is available to use for instruction and to be distributed to a group or class for learning purposes.  This pattern is free, and should never be charged for in any situation.

What you will need.

Yarn:  Worsted Weight (4) I used Lily Sugar’n Cream in the color Overcast

Hook:  Size I or 5.5mm (Yarn calls for H hook, but using I will give it a more loose fabric)

Yarn needle to weave in ends.

The dishcloth is worked in rows, that means you turn each time you are done with a row.  It is worked back and forth until you reach a square shape.  This pattern should be easy to read and follow for beginners.  The chain one at the beginning of each row counts as the first stitch, so when you are counting each row, make sure that you are counting that chain one as well.  If you have questions please message me via Ravelry, my username is Spiffyniftyriffic, or you can leave a comment on my blog where the pattern is located:


Row 1: Chain 23

Row 2:  Single crochet into the second chain from hook.  Single crochet in each stitch across the row. (22 single crochet)

Row 3:  Chain 1, turn your work.  SC in each st across. (22 sc)

Rows 4-25:  Repeat row 3.

You will know that you are done when you fold your cloth over from corner to corner and it matches up, this is when it is a square and you are done.


You can continue if you’d like and make a sc stitch all the way around the cloth or leave it as it is.  This is what it looks like when you fold it and when it is done without a trim.



To make the trim:

Start where you left off on your last row.  Ch 1, sc in each stitch across the row.  When you get to a corner stitch, place 3 sc in it.  This allows the corner to form and let the cloth have the square shape.  Continue to do a sc in each stitch down the side.  This will be a bit different than the top, but just place your hook where it looks like it will fit and look nice.  When you get to the next corner, do 3 sc in the corner.  Continue and do sc all the way around to your next corner.  3 sc in the corner stitch, then sc up the last side of your cloth.  When you get to the last corner that you started on you just do two sc in the last corner since you started with your ch 1.  Sl st into your next stitch and cut your yarn leaving about a six-inch tail to weave in your ends.

If you would like a shawl pattern that is easy to make please look on my blog for more information.  The shawl pattern can be made into a scarf or a blanket just by adding more to the foundation chain.  This washcloth could also be made into a scarf by continuing until you have it the length you desire.

Picture below shows placement of your first single crochet at the start of each row.



Ch = Chain

Sc = Single crochet

Sl = Slip

St = Stitch


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