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The Nifty Newborn Crown

PDF to Nifty Newborn Crown


I used an I Hook and Worsted Weight Yarn (Red Heart White)
I bought the gem stone at Walmart, they come in a pack of three
The silver ribbon I also bought at Walmart

Start by chaining 39 join with slip stitch to form the circle and chain 1.
Single crochet in each stitch around, join with slip stitch into first chain 1.
Chain 3, double crochet in each stitch around, join with slip stitch into top of beginning chain 3.
Chain 1, single crochet in each stitch around, join with slip stitch to beginning chain 1.
Chain 3, dc 2 times into same stitch as your chain 3 started, chain 2, dc three more times in same stitch.
Skip 2 stitches, slip stitch into the next stitch. Skip two stitches and double crochet three times into the next stitch, chain 2, 3 more double crochet into same stitch. Repeat all the way around.
Slip stitch into last stitch available and also into the beginning chain 3 to join them all together.
Slip stitch up to the top of the peak, 2 single crochet into that chain 2 space, chain 2 and slip stitch into the first chain (as if to make a picot), 2 more single crochet into chain 2 space. Slip stitch down the valley and back up to the next peak and repeat each peak the same.
Slip stitch down to your beginning and fasten off and weave in your ends.
The ribbon I start weaving in at the front of the crown. I do not have it show on the first three below the center peak (this is where the button goes) So I go around one side weaving the yarn up three and then down three. After I get one side done I go back to the front and get the ribbon from the other side and repeat the same process on the other side and have the ribbon ends meet in the back toward the inside of the crown so it will not be seen for pictures. I loosely tie it so that it can fit more than one baby 😀 I clip the ends so that they cannot be seen from the outside.
The button I start in the front of the crown at the center of one of the crown peaks. You just use the same yarn and fasten it to the middle one of the three double chains.
There ya go, you can crown your king or queen!


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