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Spirally Scarf!

Spirally Scarf PDF File


I wanted to make a quick and easy crochet scarf so I came up with an idea.  I did not want to do the same old boring scarf pattern because I knew I wouldn’t want to finish it 🙂  I decided on a spiral because I love the way they look with an extra color added to the edge.  Alright, here goes:


Spirally Scarf by Spiffyniftyriffic

Start by finding some yarn you love and a hook that would be a good match for it.  I went by the recommended size on the yarn details.

I used a Super Bulky yarn, Caron Simply Soft Quick and Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky (this is a bulky weight)

My hook size was J or 6.00mm

Chain as many desired for the foundation row.  I went by how far the foundation chain hung around my neck and down my body.

You can do longer or shorter depending on your need.

Four Double crochet into the third chain from the hook.

Repeat that four double crochet into each stitch as you go up your foundation chain

until you get to where you will be placing it around your neck.  Here is where I just single crocheted

into each stitch for about 8 inches or so.  The reason for doing this is so that it lays nicely

on the back of your neck and doesn’t twist up or make your neck itchy.

When you feel you have enough for your neck go ahead and double crochet four times into

your next chain.  Repeat that four double crochet into each chain thereafter until you reach

the end of your foundation row.

Cut your yarn and pull it though and weave in your beginning tail and your finish tail.

Adding second color!!!

To add a second color start at either end of your scarf and join the new color of yarn

at the beginning edge.  You simply just single chain into every stitch

around and around and around all the way to the other end.

Cut your yarn and weave in the ends and ta-da! You have a cool looking scarf!

For the second one I made I chose a worsted weight yarn and held it doubled

for the entire scarf until I reached the edging and then I added a bulky fuzzy yarn for a different look.

(The teal scarf is the scarf that was held double yarn throughout)


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