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The Wonderful Colonel Brandon…

The Wonderful Colonel Brandon PDF File with photos.

I absolutely love the movie Sense and Sensibility.  After watching it numerous times I couldn’t help but want to make something that reminded me of The Wonderful Colonel Brandon.  He is a great character and Alan Rickman is perfect for the part.  I thought a pattern that was subtle and charming like him would be the only thing that would do.  I also didn’t want to the the “normal” single chain scarf because I would get bored too easily.  I chose to do tunisian crochet because I had never done it before.  I had watched something about it on Knitting Daily so I dug up that episode and rewatched it.  They had a small section on making it look woven and that was exactly what I wanted for this scarf!  So I fumbled my way through it and here is the end result.  If you have crocheted you can certainly do this scarf.  If you have not crocheted it could be a slow process but you will be working this scarf up before you know it!   I hope you enjoy the pattern and I hope that the videos help you as well.


The Wonderful Colonel Brandon

Materials Needed:

Size I Tunisian Crochet Hook

Two colors of worsted weight yarn with a slight contrast

Blunt yarn needle to weave in ends

With darker yarn make a foundation chain of 20, when you get to the end of the foundation row you will insert the hook into the first chain away from the hook and yarn over and pull the loop up and leave it on the hook.  You will do this all the way across the row and at the end of the row you will have 20 loops on your hook.  There is a small video of what I am talking about on my blog called: Foundation Chain and adding loops for tunisian simple stitch As I have never made videos before I do apologize for the dark yarn and hard to see aspect of it, but hopefully it will help!

Here are some pictures showing it done.

Inserting into the first foundation chain from hook^

Yarning over and pulling up a loop in first foundation chain^

All of the loops pulled up on row (note in this picture there are only 10 loops for instruction, in pattern there are 20)^

An alternate method which helps with curling to not be so bad can be found here:

Here is a picture of the alternate method for bringing up loops.

After you have your twenty loops on your hook you are going to add your second color to give it that woven look.  So just take your yarn and lightly yarn over the hook and pull through your first loop.  This is always the case as you are coming back on your second row.  Then you yarn over and pull through two loops, yarn over and pull through two loops all the way across the row.  Here is another small video of this being done.

Adding a second color of yarn to your tunisian simple stitch

And here are some more pictures to aid you if needed.

Adding second color of yarn to work on the left side.^

Yarning over and pulling through one loop to start your return row, this is how every return row is started. ^

After you have pulled through one loop, you then yarn over and pull through two loops all the way across the row.

This is your second row done^

On your next row you insert your hook into the first loop below on your previous row.^

You then yarn over and pull through each loop leaving the loops up on the hook as shown above, all the way across the row.

This is how the entire scarf is done.  You simply work back and forth switching colors as you get to the left end after your loops are on your hook.  A trick I found out while doing this project is to lift your color up on the left of your color you were just working.  This leaves a nice finished edge look to it.

Also be sure to keep track of how tight you are making your changing color rows, you do not want it to be too tight or you will end up with a scarf that looks ruffled on one side.  I will be uploading some more videos of how you hold the yarn as you change colors is done and how to end your project Aug.1  as I have a two video limit per month.  My scarf ended up being five inches by 64 inches but you can make yours as long or as short as you’d like.  When you get to the end of your project make sure you are on the second row of the color you started with, for example, I started on black so I wanted to end on black.  When you get your second pass through row done, go into the loop below and just slip stitch all the way across the end to finish off and make it match the beginning of the scarf.  Here is a picture of what it looks like when it is done.  This scarf is also reversible so you can wear it with either side showing.  The scarf had a tendency to want to curl even after I blocked it so if you don’t desire that effect you can always just do a single crochet stitch all the way around the whole scarf.

If you still need some help on tunisian simple stitch here is a great tutorial of how to do it with fantastic pictures from Stitch Diva


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