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Spiral Bauble Garland by Cecily Keim of Crochet Me


This was a free download on DIY website a few years back and since then they have taken it down.  I loved the pattern and I will put it here until Cecily asks me not to! 🙂

It was from Uncommon Threads and the show was called It’s My Party.


Patrons Grace, 2 skeins of contrasting color

Crochet hook, US G/4.50mm

Cecily Keim of Crochet me makes a simple spiral garland; the technique consists of loading up each chain stitch with single crochet to force it into a spiral shape, then continuing with a chain.

So you start with as long of a chain as you’d like.  Then to create a bauble:  work 4 sc into the second ch from the hook.  6 sc into the next ch, 4 sc into the next ch.  Continue to work 4 sc into each ch until the spiral is the desired size, sl st into the next ch.

work any number of ch, keeping in mind you need to create enough ch for the space you want between baubles plus the number of ch you need for the bauble itself.

This project looks best when the spaces and bauble sizes are random, so have fun.

Here are some pics of what I did with this pattern.


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