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ICord Scarf!

This is an easy project especially if you have an icord tool.  If you do not have an icord tool you can make icords by following these instructions.  Make five icords whatever length you desire.  I made these around 30″ long.  Bind off all icords and tie the bind off ends together in a knot really close to the end of the icords.  Now you need to braid the icords together.  If you do not know how to do that, instructions are here.

After you braid them you need to tie those ends together as well.  Now you need to make two pom poms!  The way I made mine is I took my left hand and wrapped the yarn around my three middle fingers until I had a substantial amount of yarn there to make a pom pom.  Cut the yarn and then cut an extra piece of yarn to wrap around the center of the yarn, very tight.  Then snip the loops on both sides and trim your pom pom to whatever roundness you’d like.   Attach the pom poms to each end of the braid and trim off your excess ends to match up to your pom pom.  Violà!!



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