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Children’s Gauntlets!!!

Children’s Gauntlets PDF File



Children’s Gauntlets!!!


My daughter chose to be Link for Halloween last year and who was I to argue?! After I made the costume, I thought if it was going to be cold I should make some gauntlets to go with the outfit and to match her boots and bring the outfit together. I used a long tail cast one for this project. Cast on 18 stitches on circ needle or straight needle, transfer to DPNs evenly. Four, Four, Five, and Five on each needle. Place marker and join in the round and knit one row. Knit, Purl Rib for Row 2. Repeat Knit, Purl for 4 more rows. Stockinette stitch until it reaches 1-2 inches from elbow. It was about 23 rows for my child. Purl two rows and bind off in knit. They are meant to sit up pretty far on the hand. I made them so that she still had good use of her thumb.  She was five years old last Halloween and pretty average in size for her age I would say.  If you wanted them bigger you could go a needle size up.  If you wanted them smaller you could keep the same needle size and use worsted weight yarn instead of the chunky like I did.



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