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What to do with an empty room!?

My oldest daughter moved out on November 1st and I had an extra room to do SOMETHING with….

I had my son move down to her room since it was pretty large 195sq.ft. and he was in about a room to start with and he enjoyed the fact he got to move down to the basement where his big brother is also 🙂

So I had this room upstairs… and what do I have excess of that I would need an entire room to fill…


ah, yes.. my craft stuff :)!

So I was working on the room after the election to work off some frustration and of course to make a nice place for all of my goodies!

It took awhile and it isn’t done yet of course, I haven’t any pictures on any of the walls yet and I need to fill up those pesky bare shelves… *evil grin*

But this is what it looks like for now!

This is the closet, I filled it with scrapbooking stuffz.

This is a chest of drawers my daughter didn’t want to take with her when she moved.  It is made of bamboo and she had painted it a light green color :S, I had to do something with it, so it is now a walnut brown.  I really liked the way it turned out!


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