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Errata on Streetcar Named Desire

So this is word for word:

Finish picot edging at bottom of hem in the same manner as plackets are worked
(instructions to sew cast on edge to wrong side were omitted)
Omit VDD in first row of Chart D –
see revised chart here

ok, so plackets are worked: by picking up stitches on edge and working 2 knit rows, then going through chart once and then it says sew bound-off edge to wrong side of front where stitches were picked up.


SO!!!  You do not add a picot edging, you simply fold over your cast on stitches to your wrong side and by doing so you create a picot edging.  This happens Because in your chart one of the rows calls for yarn overs to create holes in the work, when you fold over the work those holes end up looking like picot edging because of the dips the holes have created when folded over.

OMG… does that even make sense?  Well it does in my mind.  Hopefully pics will show more of what I am talking about.

This is the bottom before folding and sewing to wrong side.




This is after it is folded over.  I need to sew it, but have not yet.


This is the pic in the book and its edge.  Looks about the same to me now.  Now, my brain hurts!


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